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  1. Vania fabric

    Fabric on classic dining chair
  2. Upholstery

    Fabric on green comfort sofa
  3. Living room signature

    Choose the wide color range and design for your pleasure need with high quality fabric
  4. Outdoor Sofa

    Sofa wrapped with outdoor fabric from our sunproof collection.
  5. Sea Groove sofa

    An unique sofa model with different type of fabric to complete the mix match theme
  6. Blazerine Sofa

    Simple and comfortable sofa. wrapped with etnik multi color tone velvet fabric.
  7. Blue Wing Chair

    High wing chair with blue velvet fabric from our import collection
  8. Sofa with floral collection

  9. Surabaya Showroom look

    Vania Surabaya Bold meet Modern charm with new look and comfortable showroom complete with the atmosphere that will indulgence your satisfaction.
  10. Vania Upholstery

  11. Vania Upholstery


Not all Vania Interior fabric ranges appear on this website but may be viewed in any of our showrooms, so please check with our sales office.
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